Your Partner in Digital Transformation

We are an interdisciplinary group of experts in the field of data-driven process improvement. Our mission is to help you achieve operational excellence and to execute frictionless and highly digital processes.

Get a grip on your processes through our unique approach!

1. Process Identification

Together, we create an overview of the core processes of your organization. We identify and select the key process(es) with the highest improvement potential.

2. Data Acquisition

We conduct stakeholder interviews with various employees working in and with the process. We also take a deep-dive in your information system and extract as much event data of the process as we can!

3. Process Analysis

We jump behind our computer and do what we do best: analyzing large amounts of event data. Before you know it, you know more about your process than you ever dreamed of!

4. Process Bottleneck Identification

Together, we identify major bottlenecks in the process. We propose a corresponding resolution strategy, which will melt your bottlenecks like snow in the sun!

5. Redesign and Implementation

Together with the key process stake-holders, we implement the bottleneck resolution strategy. For example, how about automating some manual tasks?

6. Process Monitor and Control

After redesign & implementation, we start monitor the process. We quantify the improvement, i.e., we let you know how much time & money you saved!